Aline Smithson: Self & Others


Aline Smithson, friend to photographers everywhere, publisher of LenScratch, the daily photography blog considered one of the 10 photography-related blogs you should be reading, and a photographer who STILL SHOOTS FILM, has given us a monograph of her twenty years with a camera.

The monograph, Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography, explores three facets of Aline’s portraiture, black & white, hand-painted, and colour. Published October 1, 2015, it contains 214 pages and more than one hundred photographs from eighteen bodies of work.

Photographer Sarah Hadley, also the Founder and Executive Director of the Filter Photo Festival in Chicago, interviews Aline for F-STOP Photography Magazine.

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And you may purchase a copy of Self & Others here.







The Nocturnes — Kevin Tully


Kevin James Tully, Assistant Gallery Director at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, has written an ode or an elegy to The Nocturne Series, twenty by twenty inch wet-plate collodion tintypes made using a big pinhole camera.  His tome was published in the November / December issue of SXSE Photomagazine.

You may read it >>>> here <<<<.

Thank you, Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully for hosting The Nocturnes in your new salon.  Thank you, Nancy McCrary of SXSE Photomagazine.

Fran Forman, Escape Artist


Fran Forman escaped recently, to the other side of the pond. Roger Watson and the National Trust of Great Britain hosted Fran at Lacock Abbey with an exhibition of the works from her recently published book, Escape Artist.


Connie and Jerry Rosenthal, otherwise known as RFOTOFOLIO, interviewed Fran in September, 2013.  You may read that interview here:  RFOTOFOLIO.

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Angela Johnson, Art & DNA

Angela Johnson, who sees the magnificence of art in science, recently participated in a exhibition of photographs by students of The University of Wisconsin at Madison.



Asked to talk about the two works of art selected for the show, the concept behind them, and what’s coming up next for her artistically and/or scientifically, Angela offered the following:

Ok, here is the scoop! In prepping for my MFA show (opening on Friday March 4th at Central Public Library in Madison, WI) I am exploring themes of genealogy, genetics, and memory.

These two pieces are mock-ups of pieces that will hang in the show. The photos are enlarged prints of my great grandparents and great-great-grandparents on their wedding days in 1880 and 1900. The images are mounted on plexiglass and installed into slits inside the cedar shadow boxes. I designed the boxes and my boyfriend Justin made them for me.

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The World’s Largest Cyanotype


On September 19, 2015, the first official World Cyanotype Day, shootapalooza artists, along with friends of the A Smith Gallery, stretched out a whopping big piece of blue cloth and jumped on top of it.  Ten minutes later, the Johnson City Texas Volunteer Fire Department turned on the hose of its big pumper and began the rinse.  The resulting cyanotype, thirty feet by ninety, ten yards by thirty, twenty-seven hundred square feet, takes the bacon, so to speak, and reigns as world’s largest.

First and foremost, our thanks go to Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully for hosting the event in their gallery and in the town of Johnson City, Texas.

Carol Surer compiled and composed a SmileBox collage from the event.

>>>>> play <<<<<

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An interview published September 17, 2015 on the RFOTOFOLIO blog.


Thank you, Connie and Jerry Rosenthal!

9/9/2015 LenScratch


Aline Smithson and her crew at LenScratch went above and beyond in helping to spread the word about our upcoming World Cyanotype Day.  We asked the people who were participating in the project to photograph the cyanotypes they had already made and send them in so LenScratch could feature them in a “recruiting” post.  The information was published on September 9.  Following that, our WCD facebook group had a massive influx of new participants from all over the world.

You may read that post here.  Thank you, Aline!