The Nocturnes — Kevin Tully


Kevin James Tully, Assistant Gallery Director at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, has written an ode or an elegy to The Nocturne Series, twenty by twenty inch wet-plate collodion tintypes made using a big pinhole camera.  His tome was published in the November / December issue of SXSE Photomagazine.

You may read it >>>> here <<<<.

Thank you, Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully for hosting The Nocturnes in your new salon.  Thank you, Nancy McCrary of SXSE Photomagazine.

a letter from shootapalooza

If you will click this link, you will find the following “letter from shootapalooza,” published in the September / October 2015 issue of South x Southeast Photomagazine.


Ebb and Flow by Lynda Martin for the show, “Water”.
Ebb and Flow by Lynda Martin for the show, “Water”.

Hello Nancy, and thank you for your continued interest in this movable creative feast called shootapalooza.

You missed a great party on the twenty-first of June. Johnson City is not a big place in Texas, but it is home to a big-hearted fine-art photography gallery. Five years ago, Amanda Smith came to town and purchased the gallery that now bears her name. She made the front half into a showcase for monthly exhibitions and the back half into a home and gallery for the works in her personal collection. She turned the bathroom into an aviary, except there were no birds – only bird cages.

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